How Illinois Video Gaming Works

Earning additional income is fast and easy.

Generating additional revenue with video gaming slot machines is a smooth process. Lucky Lincoln Gaming is the industry's leading terminal operator that will assist through the entire process.

Getting started is simple. Pick a terminal operator, like Lucky Lincoln Gaming, pick a location for your establishment, obtain liquor and gaming licensing, install the gaming equipment and go-live!


Does your municipality allow video gaming?

Search the Illinois Gaming Board database to find out if you're eligible to put video gaming terminals in your establishment!

Establishment Eligibility

What type of establishments are eligible for video gaming?
Truck Stops
To be eligible, the establishment must be on at least three acres of land, have separate diesel islands, having parking for commercial vehicles and have monthly average sales of more than 10,000 gallons of diesel or biodiesel.
Liquor Stores
Liquor stores are eligible if they business is open to the public and has a liquor license that allows for on premise consumption (which includes all other business that have valid liquor license allowing them to pour alcohol).
Bars & Restaurants
If you're a bar or restaurant owner and you have space to put video gaming machines ... what are you waiting for? That space can turn a huge profit! Offering video gaming to patrons is becoming the industry standard.
Cafes & Parlors
Cafes and parlors are establishments that offer a space dedicated to video gaming. Most parlors have a small food offering, alcoholic beverages and TVs. Some of our most successful clients are parlors.

Getting Started in Illinois Gaming Checklist

We've put together the ultimate guide to getting started in Illinois gaming. Download this free checklist to find out what it takes to get started with video gaming slot machines with the best terminal operator in Illinois!